Sample Preparation Methods For Vocs

VOCs in liquid and solid food samples are best analyzed by headspace techniques. Injecting only the vapour phase gives clean chromatograms and the analytical system is not contaminated by non-volatile compounds generally present in liquid extracts. Different approaches are available for headspace sampling and the selection is most often dictated by the sensitivity required. One of the main problems in headspace analysis is quantification as the concentration of the analytes in the vapour phase is matrix dependent. The methods of standard addition and, if possible, of isotope dilution guarantee the most precise and accurate results. Headspace sampling is intensively used for the analysis of off-flavors in foods and beverages but can also be applied to investigate residues from packaging materials [10], benzene in bottled sparkling water, chloropropa-nols in soy-derived products [11], furan in food products [12], etc.

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