100 10000 MC steps

Figure 4.11 Variation of the mean aggregate size ((n„): number of elementary units) with the simulation time (Monte Carlo steps) at 0 = 0.05. The mean aggregate size is defined as (n„) = Mi/M0, where M,- = ^ n'N„ is the ith-order moment of the size distribution [69]. Diez-Orrite, S., Stoll, S. and Schurtenberger, P. (2005). Study of aggregate formation in colloidal systems: off-lattice Monte Carlo simulations, Soft Matter, 1, 364-371. Reproduced by permission of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

given particle concentration. From Shih et al. [63], aggregates can be considered as fractal during the reversible aggregation process. Therefore, the fractal dimension corresponding to different times of the aggregation process can be calculated from a log-log plot of aggregate mass against the radius of gyration (see Figure 4.12).

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