List Of Abbreviations And Symbols

EXAFS extended X-ray absorption fine structure

NMR nuclear magnetic resonance

PCS photon correlation spectroscopy

SAXS small-angle X-ray scattering

XAS X-ray absorption spectroscopy

XRD X-ray diffraction

ZPC zero point of charge d interference distance

Df fractal dimension

Dt translational diffusion coefficient

F(q) form factor g(r) first order of the auto-correlation function

I(q) Scattering intensity versus the moment of the wave vector q

1N(q) normalized by N (number of dispersed particles) of I(q)

Inum(0) numerical intensity

Iexp(#) experimental intensity I

m = ns/nm initial optical contrast n mean optical index nm optical index of the medium ns/n scatterers' mean optical contrast

Ntot total number of Fe neighbors

Vs primary scatterer volume

Vœu scattering volume

P(r) autocorrelation function q moment of the wave vector q = 4n sin 0/A

r distance rH hydrodynamic radius rs radius of the subunit

R radius

S(q) structure factor or interference function

V volume

0 volume fraction of scatterers

Y (r) pair-correlation function

X wavelength of the incident beam

28 scattering angle

0 0

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