There are many people without whose generosity and faith in me this book would not have been possible. Jonathan Cobb, my extraordinary editor, has shared his enthusiasm, encouragement, and expertise since I first began thinking about this project. My thanks to him are incalculable.

My great thanks to everyone at Island Press—including Todd Baldwin, Emily Davis, Jaime Jennings, Sharis Simonian, Brian Weese, George Abar, Krishna Roy, and Chuck Savitt—for their support and for providing a home for my work. The Overbrook Foundation and Oregon Literary Arts provided vital financial support for this book, for which I am deeply grateful. My thanks also to the Chemical Heritage Foundation for making it possible to use their library and attend the 2007 Gordon Cain Fellowship conference and to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for opportunities provided by a science journalism fellowship there.

For inspiration, hospitality, and willingness to share information, there are more people than I can name here. Among those to whom special thanks are due are the entire science crew and Canadian Coast Guard Crew of the CCGS Amundsen for Leg 4B of the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study and the University of Manitoba Earth Systems Science Centre for inviting me on that amazing journey; to Pam Miller, Aluki

Brower, Viola Waghiyi, and Jesse Gologergen of Alaska Community Action on Toxics and the community of Savoonga for their welcome and generosity in sharing stories; to Tim Bates, Patricia Quinn, Eric Williams, Lynn Russell, and the rest of the ICEALOT crew for their patient explanations of atmospheric chemistry north of 66 degrees north; to Omana George and Sanjiv Pandita, their colleagues at ANROAV and the Asia Monitor Resource Centre—my thanks and admiration. Among the others I would like to thank for their willingness to answer my questions, provide access to information and other resources, and for sharing enthusiasm for their work are Paul Anastas, Matthew Asplin, Dave Barber, Linda Birnbaum, Bruce Blumberg, Jeff Brook, Martina Buttler, Amy Cannon, Edward Chan, Theo Colborn, Terry Collins, Monica Danon-Schaffer, John Frazier, Andrea Gore, the Hagley Library and Archives, Tom Harner, Russ Hauser, Jerry Heindel, James Hutchinson, Dustin Isleifson, Liisa Jantunen, Captain Stéphane Julien, Barbara Karn, Dan Katz, Jane Kochersperger, Kristen Kulinowski, Dan Leitch, Robie Macdonald, Stacy Malkan, Alexandra McPherson, Andrew Maynard, Derek Muir, J. Peterson Myers, Retha Newbold, the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association, Karen O'Brien, the Othmer Library, Christopher Reddy, Jody Roberts, Mark Rossi, Frederick vom Saal, Ted Schettler, John Stegeman, Gary Stern, Shanna Swan, Christine Terada, Joel Tickner, Sarah Vogel, John Warner, and Michael Wilson. Again, there are far more people I would like to thank than there is room to name here.

Friends, colleagues, and editors who helped in all sorts of ways include Judith Alef, Jennifer Allen, Kevin Berger, Nils Bruzelius, David Campbell, John Carey, Peter Eisner, Susan Ewing, Douglas Fischer, Dave Gilson, Jim Hepworth, Cheryl Hogue, Andy Kerr, Pete Krsnak, Jonathan Leake, Gilly Lyons, Jason Mark, Ted Smith, John and Heather Sterling, Robert Stubblefield, Margot and George Thompson, and Katherine Wroth. Heartfelt thanks to my neighbors Susie Barnes, Hilary Bella, Theresa Koon, and Barb and Jordan Pahl for their help on the home front.

And as always, enormous thanks to my family—Alvin and Sari Grossman, Emily Grossman, Philip Zisman, and my nieces, Jane and Olivia— for encouraging boundless curiosity and for your love.

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