Through Flow and Stagnation Zones The Global Picture

Figure 2.17 portrays a global picture: through-flow systems prevail above sea level; stagnant trapped systems dominate beneath sea level (along with

Stagnation Zone
Fig. 2.16 A lense of impermeable rock creating a local perched water table and a spring; an aquiclude sealing off a stagnant zone, turning it into a confined system; and karstic features.

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Stagnant systems

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Fig. 2.17 A global picture. At depths above sea level through-flow systems prevail, near sea level exists a transition zone with both through-flow and stagnant systems, and beneath sea level stagnant groundwater systems prevail.

petroleum traps); and a transition zone exists in between. The volume of water stored in stagnant systems seems to match the volume stored in through-flow systems.

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