Target groups for the updated report

The main target group for the document would be scientists and other professionals in the field of environmental and health sciences, working as informers or advisors to decision-makers at the local, regional, national or international levels both within the public and the private sector. In other words, the information compiled and critically reviewed in the report is intended to assist people used to read scientific texts, on one hand, to quickly identify the controversial parts of the new information and, on the other, to understand what parts of the new information (if any) that have reached the level of "conclusive evidence" in the sense that a consensus-based picture is emerging. In addition to its use by the immediate target group, i.e. professionals in Scandinavia, it is assumed that the report also could serve both an educative purpose in several other European countries or regions, where there is an urgent need to get a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art of current research on some of the central fields of interest regarding metals in the environment and contribute to improved risk assessments of metals.

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