Chemical Immobilization Plot Experiment

The reclamation measures carried out in Brunita pond consisted of field plots amended with stabilized pig manure and lime (wastes originating from the marble extraction industry). The plots were left exposed to the semiarid climatological conditions after the amendments were added.

The pig manure dose was calculated on the basis of European and Spanish nitrogen legislation [Council Directive 91/676/EEC from the EC (1991); Real Decreto RD 261/1996 and de 16 de Febrero from Ministerio de la Presidencia

Fig. 15.1 a Location of the study area; b aerial photograph of Brunita pond; c general view of the pond

(1996)], and the lime dose was determined as the amount of calcium carbonate required to raise the pH to 7 (Sobek et al. 1978). The pig manure and lime doses were 12.5 t ha-1 and 162.5 t ha-1, respectively.

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