Heavy metals represent an important group of soil pollutants that contribute to the formation of specific "toxic" habitats characterized by alterations in the communities of soil organisms (including bacteria and fungi) and by changes in the rates of environmental processes. They also contribute to the heterogeneity of soil, forming microhabitats that are toxic to varying degrees within the soil ecosystem or soil profile. Saprotrophic fungi are especially sensitive to heavy metals since they rely heavily on extracellular enzymes for nutrient acquisition, and these enzymes are often a target of heavy metal toxicity. Although current studies show that the presence of metals can cause shifts in the relative abundances of fungi and bacteria in soils and in the compositions of fungal communities, more targeted work is required using modern molecular methods for a deeper understanding of the composition and function of fungal communities in heavy-metal affected soils.

Acknowledgements Financial support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (Project LC06066) and from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (Project QH72216) is gratefully acknowledged.

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