1 Soil: The Living Matrix 000 256

Helwig Hohl and Ajit Varma 257

2 Definition of "Heavy Metals" and Their Role in Biological Systems 000 25S Klaus-J. Appenroth 259

3 Soil Microbial Diversity in Relation to Heavy Metals 000 260

Shwet Kamal, Ram Prasad, and Ajit Varma 261

4 Uptake and Effect of Heavy Metals on the 262 Plant Detoxification Cascade in the Presence and Absence 263 of Organic Pollutants 000 264

Lyudmila Lyubenova and Peter Schröder 265

5 Arbuscular Mycorrhiza, Heavy Metal, and Salt Tolerance 000 266

Hermann Bothe, Marjana Regvar, and Katarzyna Turnau 267

6 Quantitative Analyses of Trace Elements 26S in Environmental Samples: Options and (Im)possibilities 000 269

Katarina Vogel-Mikus, Peter Kump, Marijan Necemer, Primoz Pelicon, 270

Iztok Arcon, Paula Pongrac, Bogdan Povh, and Marjana Regvar 271

7 At the Crossroads of Metal Hyperaccumulation and 272 Glucosinolates: Is There Anything Out There? 000 273

Paula Pongrac, Roser Tolrà, Katarina Vogel-Mikus, Charlotte Poschenrieder, 274

Juan Barceló, and Marjana Regvar 275

8 Plants Under Heavy Metal Stress in Saline Environments 000 276

Valentina Kholodova, Kirill Volkov, and Vladimir Kuznetsov 277

9 Utilizing Microbial Community Structure and Function 27S to Evaluate the Health of Heavy Metal Polluted Soils 000 279

M. Belén Hinojosa, Roberto García-Ruiz, and José A. Carreira 2S0

281 10 Streptomycete Heavy Metal Resistance:

282 Extracellular and Intracellular Mechanisms 000

283 Erika Kothe, Christian Dimkpa, Götz Haferburg, André Schmidt,

284 Astrid Schmidt, and Eileen Schütze

285 11 Effects of Heavy Metals on Soil Enzyme Activities 000

286 Ayten Karaca, Sema Camci Cetin, Oguz Can Turgay,

287 and Ridvan Kizilkaya

288 12 Effect of Heavy Metals on Saprotrophic Soil Fungi 000

289 Petr Baldrian

290 13 Copper-Containing Oxidases: Occurrence

291 in Soil Microorganisms, Properties, and Applications 000

292 Harald Claus

293 14 Biomethylation of Heavy Metals in Soil

294 and Terrestrial Invertebrates 000

295 Burkhard Knopf and Helmut König

296 15 Phytostabilization of Lead-Polluted Sites by Native Plants 000

297 Andrea Zanuzzi and Angel Faz Cano

298 16 Impact of Heavy Metals on Sugarcane 000

300 17 Effects of Earthworms on the Availability and

301 Removal of Heavy Metals in Soil 000

302 Ayten Karaca, Ridvan Kizilkaya, Oguz Can Turgay,

303 and Sema Camci Cetin

304 18 Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils 000

305 T.J. Purakayastha and P.K. Chhonkar

306 19 Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Tropical Land 000

307 Preeti Saxena and Neelam Misra

308 Index 000

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