Metal Accumulator

These plants accumulate and concentrate metal at higher levels in their aerial parts that the metal concentration in the soil. Hyperaccumulators absorb high levels of contaminants which are then concentrated either in their roots, shoots and/or leaves (Raskin et al. 1994; Cunningham and Ow 1996; Baker et al. 1994). Baker and

Brooks reported metal hyperaccumulators that contain >0.1% (>1,000 mg g-1) of Cu, Cd, Cr, Pb, Ni, or Co, or >1% (>10,000 mg g-1) of Zn or Mg in their dry matter. Scientists have identified hyperaccumulator species by collecting plants from areas where the soil contains higher metal levels than normal (Gleba et al. 1999). So far, around 400 hyperaccumulator species from 22 different families have been identified. For example, the family Brassicaceae contains a large number of species that hyperaccumulate a wide range of metals (87 species from 11 genera) (Baker and Brooks 1989).

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