Rationale, analysis of water samples 87

Table 1.12 Continued

Deteiminand Preconcentration Type of water Anafyhcai Section technique sompie finish" number

Mixtures of organochlorine Insecticides Mixtures of metal chelates of aliphatic compounds Mixtures of pesticides and herbicides Mixtures of organochlorine and organophosph orus insecticides Mixtures of organochlorine insecticides Mixtures of pesticides and herbicides Mixtures of pesticides and herbicldes,C| o—C | 4 aliphatic compounds Mixtures of chlorobenzene, p-xylene, naphthalene and phenanthrene

Graphitlzed carbon black Natural column

Graphitized carbon black Natural column

XAD-2 restn-C|S-bonded Natural silica column

Tenax GC resin column Natural

Adsorption on Natural polypropylene

Organic polymeric sorbent, Natural WofatitY77 column

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