LCA Studies for Biobased Products Major Findings and Insights

Early LCA studies on biobased products have been carried out already during the '90s, covering "traditional" materials, for example, for packaging [22] as well as novel ones, like starch - based polymers [ 23]t Due to the large variety of biobased products, LCA studies may be quite diverse covering a broad scope of applications with often very tailored goal and scope. In order to gain some general insights, this chapter focuses in the first place on groups of biobased bulk or intermediate products which are of interest because of large production amounts and consequently high potential for saving GHG. The selected groups are biofuels, biopolymers, and biocomposites. Above this, there are studies focusing rather on a specific technology, notably biotechnological processes, whose results are included as well. As to biobased consumer products, a short survey on LCA studies from the building sector and for packaging is presented focusing on effects from the inclusion of the use phase rather than providing results for a specific material or product.

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