19 Foods and Eight Techniques to Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet

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Have you ever wished and wanted to achieve your dream shape when you are eating your favorite dishes? You are at the best place, grab yourself a copy of this ebook and make your dream come true.

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Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet

Have you ever wished to get into the shape of your dream while consuming a satisfying, delicious raw meal? The raw veganism eBook will lead you in the best direction. Many raw vegans face it rough in losing extra pounds; consuming raw food does not assure you of the shape of your dream. A lot of people face it rough, struggling to optimize a raw food diet. It usually feels excellent like you never imagined; you may be feeling hungry every time, and to make things worse, you have not lost all the weight you wished to do away with using this diet. This guide offers you ways of losing the pesky remaining pounds while still eating delicious raw meals to your satisfaction.

Consuming raw food diet is not a guarantee that you will get your dream shape. A s a matter of fact, some raw vegans seem normal-looking people with no too much excess but with a lot of pounds to be lost. Hunger makes many people fail to manage raw veganism, making them not achieve their best dream shapes. Therefore, for many individuals who are almost or getting into their shape when eating natural turns out to be a double challenge. This is so since they have to stuff themselves with sweet fruits and fat to feel satisfied with raw veganism. Fruits digest so fast, and lubricants offer little satiety; therefore, they have less control over their hunger, resulting in fullness. They end up overeating sweet fruits and fats, resulting in consuming too many calories than a cooked food diet. Since raw vegans base their meals on sweet and fatty foods, they happen to do little exercises compared to that of a cooked food diet simply because;

  • Excessive intake of fresh fruits and dried fruits makes you physically uncomfortable to do exercise. The presence of food in your stomach encourages you to abscond, reducing your exercises. Raw, delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day will drain you out, making you have less energy after meals.
  • Too much eating of fatty foods makes you biochemically uncomfortable to exercise. Many fats need to undergo various stages to be digested fully; during this process, your body tires out, leaving you with less energy to exercise.

Those who have followed raw veganism for some time are aware that for them to keep their hunger at bearable levels, they need to;

  • Stuff themselves with many fresh and dried fruits such as bananas, dates, and raisins.
  • Consume too many fatty foods such as nuts, seeds, and avocados.
  • Always include vegan cooked food such as rice.

Eating raw plant foods in excellent quantity every day is very crucial because it is the greatest secret to;

  • Having a disease-free long life.
  • Having your dream shape.
  • Additional energy and more time to participate in things you enjoy.
  • Mental productivity.
  • Have inner peace, contentment, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Becoming self-sustainable saving a lot of time and money on trying to handle health conditions.

What will you learn in this program?

  • The hidden non-physical factor enables individuals to succeed on a raw vegan diet while the rest struggle.
  • Positively filling foods eaten by the Ethiopian ultra-marathon runners.
  • Delicious ancient food you have never known that keeps you full for some hours.
  • Trick to make you feel you have been eating for some minutes when you have consumed absolutely nothing.
  • Techniques to control your appetite forever and make yourself happier every moment.
  • Right foods which have more proteins.
  • Reasons why you still need brown rice when adopting a completely raw vegan diet.

This guide is divided into four different chapters. Below are chapters listed with what each one of them talks about. After that, we will look at what every chapter is all about to understand the benefits of purchasing this excellent guide.


19 Foods   Eight Techniques To Lose The Flab On A Raw Vegan Diet | Raw  vegan diet, Vegan diet, Raw vegan

Chapter 1: Authors Bio.

Chapter 2: How to set your mind for success on a raw vegan diet.

Chapter 3: How to lose the flab with 19 raw vegan foods.

Chapter 4: Seven techniques to feel full on less.

Chapter 1: Margarita Ivaniuk V Bio.

As the title tells, this is an introductory part of the raw food diet guide. If you are interested to know everything about the author, then this is the perfect place to start from. Here. You will see all information about the guide's designer and why you should trust everything she mentions in the book. Admit it; absolutely no person would wish to be educated by one who has no experience of what is being discussed. Chapter one will meet the author's full bio and all her personal experience with the raw food diet. The author describes her journey towards raw veganism to make you aware of who she is from a raw vegan perspective. You may encounter some parts of her stories that may resemble what you have been experiencing. This chapter will inform you how the designer became a raw vegan and her raw vegan experience. You will find reasons why the author, Margarita Ivaniuk, claims raw veganism is not a diet. The author will explain how simple it was for her to change to raw veganism with the reasons behind her finding it not to be tough. Below is the image of the designer of this EBook.

19 Foods to Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet   Eight Techniques To Be Full  On Less - live on alive

Chapter 2: How to set your mind for success on raw veganism.

Essential factors are being talked about in this chapter to make your mind ready for success on raw veganism. This chapter will offer you techniques that differentiate lucky people from unlucky ones. The secrets behind luckiness are all found in chapter two of this guide. It provides you with examples showing the bulk of becoming successful in any place of your life in your mind. The mind is usually an extension of the soul, whereas you are in your physical body. Sense disappears immediately; people leave the world as their souls remain behind. The potential of people's minds is infinite since reason is an extension of the soul. It explains to you why your soul is infinite. This chapter informs you that there are only two requirements to enable you to acquire anything you wish for, and you have to believe you can get them. It is known that reprogramming the subconscious mind takes some time since it has been shaped from the time one is born until that moment; therefore, in this chapter, you will learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind. Using clear illustrations, you are told how your subconscious mind is programmed for a specific belief. Since your subconscious mind's potential is infinite, you are in a position to get everything you want. It does not matter how impossible your dreams may seem to be; you will attain them. That involves being in a state to feel full on raw veganism and at the end getting into the shape of your dreams even though you:

  • You are an experienced raw vegan, and you failed to achieve your best shape in your previous trials.
  • Were a carnivore ever since and just beginning on raw veganism.
  • Can train yourself to exercise.

The only secret and requirement of achieving anything you dream of believing in you can get them, and you must be wanting those things. You have to reprogram your subconscious mind to get all the endless positive beliefs. You have to forget about all your previous failure on raw veganism and everything you have heard and believe that you can quickly get full-on raw veganism in your best shape and healthy. This belief can be achieved through;

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind. This is important because your subconscious mind's potential is infinite and because a more significant percentage of what you believe in and thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind.
  • Your conscious mind is usually responsible for performing out the actions. Nevertheless, if your belief and daily thoughts are minimized, you won't perform out the action no matter how much you may want something. To have any action done successfully, you always need to have corresponding successful beliefs and thoughts.

In this chapter, you will also encounter how reprogramming your subconscious mind quickly feels full-on raw veganism in your best shape and healthy. It consumes much time to reprogram your mind since it is already shaped since you were born at that time. Your surroundings and what you were always told will stay in your subconscious mind and be the determiner of what you believe in. Therefore, how you decide to behave will shape your whole life. The chapter will explain how the subconscious mind is usually programmed for a specific belief.

Chapter 3: How to lose the flab with 19 raw vegan foods.

This chapter talks about the tasty raw foods that will help one lose the stubborn flab and describe preparing them to be delicious and nutritious. In general, it is straightforward to do away with an unwanted weight on raw veganism because a lot of plant foods are low in calories and high in nutrients. Several factors will determine weight loss; it does not all about calories. Some of these factors are discussed in this chapter, including;

  • The health state of one's digestive system.
  • The stress levels.
  • The health of your endocrine system.
  • The metabolic speed.
  • Your genetics.
  • The number of pesticides in your produce.
  • The rate of toxins and heavy metals in your body.

Nevertheless, the level of calories is one main factor; if you consume fewer calories than you spend, you will lose weight. Chapter three talks about the miracle of oatmeal and the exact things that can make one feel cozy after looking at the oatmeal. Various issues contribute to this feeling, including reminding individuals about their happy childhood and bringing memories of the summer spent with your grandma. It discusses the reasons why oatmeal is such a filling food. Their macronutrients are responsible for offering you a feeling of fullness after oats; these are the resistant starch, protein, and dietary fiber. This chapter will realize how to lose the flab with raw vegan foods high in resistant starch. Resistance starch is defined as something characterized by soluble and insoluble fiber. Resistance starch has made raw veganism easier for the author. It makes one feel full without consuming a lot, enabling one to remain in good shape. This chapter is a little bit extensive; on top of all the information highlighted above, the chapter talks about butyrate. These are what offer rise to many benefits of resistant starch. Butyrate has several benefits responsible for maintaining fullness, thus promotes loss of weight.

  • Butyrate enhances insulin sensitivity. If your cells can discover insulin better, your cells are best at utilizing glucose after a meal. This tells that you will always be fuller after meals.
  • Butyrate reduces blood glucose levels, especially after meals. This indicates that your cells can get access to much glucose after dinner, making you full.
  • They feed the cell of the colon. This results in different improvements in the digestive system. This mainly improves the energy and nutrient usage per calorie of food that one eats.
  • Butyrate adds the level of satiety hormones in the gut like leptin which is a hormone used for inhibiting hunger.

Chapter three talks about the type of foods that are high in resistant starch. Learn about different types of highly resistant types of starch and the four types of resistant starch. You are introduced to various raw vegan foods rich in resistant starch, including tiger nuts, teff, naked oats, plantation flour, quinoa, brown rice, slightly ripe bananas, ripe plantains, mug beans, French green lentils, fresh green peas, and fresh green fava beans. Chapter three also discusses the meaning of the satiety index of resistance starch foods and ways of preparing raw foods high in resistant starch, protein, and fiber. Anti-nutrients are elements found in various plant foods like grains, nuts, seeds, tubers, and greens. You will discover reasons why anti-nutrients are named so in this chapter. Different examples of anti-nutrients are discussed in chapter three, including; phytic acid, lectins, and oxalates. It is well explained under this chapter why phytic acid is not acceptable, and you will discover how to soak, sprout and quickly ferment the mentioned foods. This section gives you how to lose flab with raw vegan foods high in water content and the different kinds of foods rich in water content.

Chapter 4: Seven techniques to feel full on less.

This is the last chapter of this user-friendly guide; chapter four will discuss the effective methods to control your hunger and lower appetite, resulting in less eating. Various techniques are discussed in this chapter include;

Technique 1: Ways of feeling full on less with spirulina.

Under this technique, you will get the definition of spirulina and where it grows. You will also know the benefits of having spirulina as part of your food. If you are uncertain about the importance of spirulina to you as a vegan, this technique will reveal everything. Have you ever wondered what you can always do to remain full and lack a solution? Spirulina directly assists you to stay full with its very high protein content? Here, you will tell how much protein content is found in spirulina and why some people do not take too much spirulina. This reason includes;

  • It is not healthy to take too much protein, for it can result in indigestion issues.
  • Spirulina encourages detoxification.
  • Spirulina is costly.
  • It does not have a bad taste, but there are many sweet sources of protein. Spirulina has some salty flavor.

Here, you are advised on spirulina serving per day, when to take it and how it indirectly helps you remain full and prevents cravings with its high nutrient component. You will know the best choice between spirulina capsules or spirulina powder.

Technique 2: Ways of feeling full on less with nutrient-dense foods.

Here, you have been told on the other way of feeling full on less, that is through the consumption of foods that are enriched in nutrients. The types of high nutrients foods are also mentioned under this technique and what you can do if you are always a busy person to have time for your greens. Some of the most common high nutrients foods mentioned here include;

  • Field greens.
  • Wild greens.
  • Green vegetables.
  • Sea veggies
  • Herbs.
  • Superfoods.

This technique will also offer you a recommendation for the best combination used for greens, seaweeds, and other nutrient-packed foods that are always low in fat.

Technique 3: How to feel full on less with fast-acting hunger- curbing foods.

This section discusses various mechanisms one can use to instantly feel full on less and the foods that directly curb your hunger and reduces appetite. Some of the foods that trigger the feeling of fullness mentioned includes;

  • True cinnamon.
  • Raw apple cider.
  • Psyllium husk.

The above foods are mentioned and explained with their specific functions when triggering the feeling of fullness. It is essential to learn about this system if you want to be familiar with foods that will encourage fullness.

Technique 4: How to feel full on less adequate sleep, rest, and hydration.

Under this technique, you will develop an in-depth understanding of having enough sleep, feeling relaxed, and being hydrated when trying to keep your stomach and mind the whole day. Everyone undergoes many life challenges in their lives that may make them lack some sleep at some point. Different ways are discussed on how to improve your sleep directly, including;

  1. To get enough sleep, you have to minimize your exposure to blue light. Here, you will find the definition of blue light and the reason why it keeps you awake.
  2. You have to reduce your stress level to get enough sleep.
  3. Improve your sleep directly. You have been shown ways of improving your sleep now.

Different ways of staying hydrated have also been illustrated under this technique. You all know the importance of having a good sleep and being hydrated.

Technique 5: How to feel full on less with exercise.

This technique informs you about the importance of exercises in our bodies and your dream shape. If you have ever been concerned about how appetite-regulating hormones keep you full after the workout, this technique got you covered. Low to moderate intensity exercises help you reduce your appetite level, resulting in hormones' stimulation.

Technique 6: How to feel full on less with sungazing and conscious breathing.

This technique will provide you with a definition of what sungazing is and every information you may be interested to know about it. You will also find ways of feeling full with conscious breathing. You will understand the reasons as to why conscious breathing works and ways of doing it.

Technique 7: How to feel full on less with coconut pulling.

Here, you will know how to do coconut pulling and why coconut pulling works.

Technique 8: How to feel full on less with alternatives sources of energy.

In a real-life situation, people rarely think about food when engaging in things they enjoy doing. The many times you participate in activities that make your soul and mind happy, the lesser your chances of looking for happiness in food. In this technique, you will learn ways of feeling full on less with foods for your soul and mind. Different methods have been mentioned for you to follow to achieve them all.

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  • 19 Foods and Eight Techniques to Lose the Flab on a Raw Vegan Diet

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