Assembling and writing portions of this book have led us on an incredible journey. We never envisioned how much effort this would entail, or how much give-and-take and rethinking of the final product would be involved with every interaction with each contributor, author, or reviewer. We have had the kind support of professional colleagues, friends, and family, all of whom have helped to broaden our understanding of our mission and keep us on target. And to the many agents of change who have inspired us by their own thoughts, actions, and written words, we say thank you. You know who you are.

Brad Allenby, Chuck Bennett, Karen Coyne, Pogo Davis, Dawn Rittenhouse, and Darlene Schuster all took time out of their busy schedules to comment among the way about the direction we were taking and gave valuable insights as to how to correct course.

The earliest reviewers of our book concept gave us much appreciated feedback and guidance. They include Tarcisio Alvarez-Rivero, Karen Coyne, Pogo Davis, Tom Gladwin, Dawn Rittenhouse, and Darlene Schuster. Further guidance on overall concept came from Chuck Bennett and Frank Dixon. Both wrote various pieces that fundamentally inspired our compendium, even though their contributions are not directly found in the book. Brad Allenby, John Carberry, and Dave Constable provided significant critique to the sections on Sustainability Planning and Design. Beverley Thorpe provided invaluable insight into public perceptions of the chemical industry. Ken Geiser and Joel Tickner kept us abreast of emerging international policies on the management of chemicals. Karen Coyne jumped in without hesitation to organize the auditing section when we were confronted with a vacuum there, and Art Gillen filled the same role in the management systems area when we were confronted with similar issues.

Joanna Underwood reconnected as a friend and colleague, and provided moral support as well as professional wisdom. Mitch Mathis and Marilu Hastings, in spite of experiencing a time of great personal angst, came through with their personal and professional support. Ann Goodman shared her writings to inspire our case study development. Priscilla Johnson shared invaluable insights into the business case for sustainability. Dave Taschler and Tim Donnelly provided excellent insights and critique of our business case section, as did Gautham Parthasarathy from Solutia.

The development of the Chemical Industry Sustainability Survey was more of a challenge than expected. The PricewaterhouseCoopers team, comprised of Andy Savitz, Doug Hileman, and Michael Besly, was extraordinary in their dedication to an excellent product. When funding for the effort fell through, they graciously contributed their time and effort, for which we are extremely grateful. Through industry focus groups we vetted the survey findings to both clarify and validate interpretations. Darlene Schuster, as leader in AIChE's Institute for Sustainability, was a dedicated partner in the review of the survey instrument, marketing of the survey, and in the organization of the focus groups. Charlene Wall (BASF), through AIChE's Center for Sustainable Technology Practices, was also instrumental in organizing an excellent group of industry leaders to participate in the focus groups. Those participants include Emanuel Baba (FMC), Earl Beaver (IfS), Tim Donnelly (Rohm & Haas), Karen Koster (Cytec), Joe Machado (Shell Chemicals), Ada Nelson (BP), Dawn Rittenhouse (DuPont), Dave Taschler (Air Products), Joe Zola (Eastman Chemicals), and Elaine Zoeller (Eastman Chemicals). Terry Yosie (ACC) was also generous with his time in participating in a focus group.

Finally, we would like to thank the Board and Advisory Council, as well as the extended family, of BRIDGES to Sustainability for their dedication to the mission of the organization and their crafting a more sustainable future with us.

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