Can Sustainability Prevent Terrorist Attacks

By this point, it should be readily apparent that even the most sustainable product or service, made by the most efficient and green manufacturing process, can still be subject to a terrorist attack. Indeed, if we accept that sustainability includes meeting societal needs, then a process or product that can best meet the needs of society but is not available to all may well be the biggest target of a terrorist who does not have access to that process or product. In this case, even though the process or product may be completely absent of explosive energy or toxic materials that a terrorist might use, the terrorist could still add a contaminant or toss his "sabot" into the manufacturing or distribution works.

This does not diminish in any way the importance of striving for sustainability, nor does it mean that a sustainable manufacturing process makes no contribution to security. In fact, by virtue of striving to meet societal needs, sustainability addresses terrorism at its roots. Therefore, it is vitally important when proceeding down the road to sustainability to consider the basic needs of those who would wish us harm, because meeting these needs may well turn potential foes into, if not friends, people we can coexist with.

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