Continuously Improve And Report Performance

Each chemical company that implements Responsible Care is expected to collect and report data for a core set of environmental, health and safety performance measures. Each national association is expected to collect, collate and report this data from its members in each country. The data will also be collated and reported publicly at the international level and be updated every two years at a minimum.

In order to continue to achieve improved performance, each national association that implements Responsible Care will:

• Periodically assess, with the participation of their members, stakeholder expectations for expanded or modified performance reporting or other aspects of performance.

• Commit to providing practical help and support in sharing and adopting best practices to improve environmental, health and safety performance, and other assistance related to Responsible Care implementation needs.

Chemical companies that implement Responsible Care will:

• Adopt a management systems approach to implement their Responsible Care commitments consisting of the internationally accepted elements of Plan-Do-Check-Act.

• Utilize clean and safe-technologies and processes when building new plants or expanding their current facilities around the world.

• Go beyond self-assessment of the implementation of Responsible Care and adopt external verification processes carried out either by associations, government bodies or other external organisations.

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