Enhance The Management Of Chemical Products Worldwide Product Stewardship

Product stewardship issues will increasingly shape the Responsible Care initiative in future years. The ICCA will establish a strengthened global programme to evaluate and manage chemical-related risks and benefits by developing a unified product stewardship management system approach. This approach will be in place by 2006.

National associations, working with their member companies, will commit to this concerted global effort by establishing processes for Responsible Care companies to:

• Re-commit to full implementation of current Responsible Care product stewardship commitments, including all existing codes, guidelines and practices.

• Improve product stewardship performance and increase public awareness of the industry's commitments and results.

• Develop and share best practices through mutual assistance.

• Work in partnership with upstream suppliers and downstream chemical users to collaborate on improved processes for the safe and effective uses of chemicals.

• Encourage and sustain support for education, research and testing approaches that will yield useful information about the risks and benefits of chemicals through such initiatives as the High Production Volume chemical testing program and the Long-range Research Initiative.

• Implement enhanced product stewardship commitments consistent with the ICCA's Global Chemicals Management Policy, and periodically assess product stewardship practices in the light of evolving societal expectations for chemical products.

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