Implement Fundamental Features Of National Responsible Care Programmes

Each national chemical association establishes and manages its own national Responsible Care programme based on a set of eight common fundamental features. They are:

• Establish and implement a set of Guiding Principles that member companies sign.

• Adopt a title and logo that are consistent with Responsible Care.

• Implement management practices through a series of systems, codes, policies and guidance documents to assist companies to achieve better performance.

• Develop a set of performance indicators against which improvements can be measured.

• Communicate with interested parties inside and outside the membership.

• Share best practices through information networks.

• Encourage all association member companies to commit to and participate in Responsible Care.

• Introduce and apply systematic procedures to verify the implementation of the measurable elements of Responsible Care by member companies.

Industry leaders support the national associations in the fulfillment of these fundamental features. The Charter defines specific commitments consistent with the fundamental features.

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