Implementation is a Weak Point

Most chemical companies could improve the way they are handling security implementation, Sems says, since it is easiest for a security program to fall through the cracks at this stage. Sem says, "The low hanging fruit, like perimeter fences, access control and lighting, can be addressed easily enough, but longer-term fixes can hit budgetary walls as companies move from crisis to crisis." Implementation needs a budget and management support.

Third parties can be extremely helpful in vetting site assessments and implementation plans. Currently, as site assessments have been set up within the Responsible Care Code, local law enforcement and fire chiefs can look at facility plans. They may be very familiar with the emergency response aspects of a site security plan, but they may not always be the best choice when determining other security strategies or assessing investments.

Management buy in is another critical factor for assuring a successful security plan. In particular, companies need to ensure that security is an integral part of their management of change program, Sems says.

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