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A key component of developing and implementing a sustainability program within an organization will entail a periodic review of that program focusing on "How are we doing?" and "Where do we need to make improvements?" These are two basic tenets behind the management system function known as auditing, which helps an organization determine how they are doing in their journey along the path to sustainability.

Before embarking on a sustainability audit, the support and involvement of the CEO is essential to ensure alignment of their direct reports over the audit's business value (Waddock and Smith, 2000). There are also a myriad of questions an organization must first address, such as:

• What standard shall we audit against?

• Who is driving the need for a sustainability audit?

• What is the role of third-party assessors?

• How can management be supporting a sustainability evaluation process to convert core values into leading and profitable operating practices?

• What are some EHS management system strategies for conducting Responsible Care Management System®, RC14001 and ISO 14001 audits?

• What is an example of a U.S. state-level program?

In this chapter we will address these considerations on sustainability auditing, presented from a variety of perspectives.

Section 6.3.2, "Sustainability Auditing," from the perspective of an independent third-party verifier, introduces the basic components of a sustainability auditing program, as well as the role of external, third-party auditing and how that may impact an organization with a sustainability program. Section 6.3.3 covers "Corporate Responsibility Auditing: Assuring What Companies Say to the Public is Truthful," while Section 6.3.4 tackles "Auditing Responsible Care® Worldwide." Section 6.3.5 "EHS Management System Audit Strategies for RCMS, RC14001 and ISO 14001," includes information from three EHS consulting companies who conduct auditing, and looks at various management strategies for auditing, including EHS management approaches to conducting Responsible Care Management Systems®, RC14001 and ISO 14001 audits, and how Responsible Care® is audited worldwide.

In Section 6.3.6, "New Mexico's Green Zia Environmental Excellence Program: Third-Party EMS Performance Auditing," one state's innovative management systems program will be reviewed: New Mexico's Green Zia Environmental Excellence Program.

The "Directory of Standards and CSR-Related Organizations," as compiled by The Future 500, may be found in Appendix 2, and is a summary of corporate social responsibility standards and organizations compiled by the Future 500 organization.

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