Tales from the Trenches

An essential step in producing a credible Sustainability Report is to ensure that you have across-the-board support from senior management. This was not an issue at PotashCorp. The directive to publish a public document that reported on the Company's sustainable development initiatives had, in fact, come from senior management.

To help guide the reporting process and provide assistance with data gathering, four members of senior management were named to a Sustainability Committee. Their contribution was invaluable. Working with the report's production team, the Committee provided insight to areas ranging from corporate core values to specific achievements and metrics that warranted inclusion in the report.

The structure of the report separates our performance measure data from those sections devoted to telling the PotashCorp story. The report gives the readers facts, figures, and support data. Interpretation is left to the reader without influence from the Company. The report also explains the company's operations and how they fit into a strategy based on sustainability.

With this reporting structure now established, subsequent reports will likely merge performance measures with commentary on the Company's progress toward meeting goals, targets and the overall sustainability mission of the Company.

PotashCorp's initial Sustainability Report represented its first foray into this type of reporting. Based on the feedback we have received, our initial effort gives us a solid platform for future reports and will serve as a benchmark for making Potash-Corp's commitments to sustainability explicit and transparent.

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