The Role of Champion

Leadership commitment was found to be a unifying element among the chemical companies in the 2004 DJSI. The personal passion of an executive officer or director of the corporation was found to be a critical element of corporate commitment to sustainable development. Each of the companies had one or more directors, often one of the executive directors, who emerged as the organizational mouthpiece or champion for the company on issues relating to sustainable development. The

TABLE 8.8. Companies in the Chemical Sector of the 2004 DJSI

Company Name

Country of Incorporation

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

United States



Bayer AG


Royal DSM, N.V.


Degussa AG


Dow Chemical Company

United States

E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.

United States

Praxair, Inc.

United States

champion was suggested by evidence showing higher than average reference to sus-tainability-related concepts in communications, as well as by personal involvement in key sustainability initiatives and other social causes. For example, Chief Executive Magazine points out that Chad Holliday of DuPont "has burnished a reputation for himself and his company as a champion of 'sustainable development'" (Cortese, 2003, p. 22). The presence of multiple champions at a few of the companies, such as Dow, DSM, and DuPont, reflected an even greater influence of the directors on corporate sustainability initiatives.

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