Vulnerabilities Remain

Networking continues to be a sore spot at many chemical companies, Adams says. It is essential to ensure that software is updated with the latest patches. Another weakness is remote access, she says. Some companies may be operating or maintaining systems remotely, but need to have the right firewall and protection points in place.

Cybervandalism is another area of growing concern. "Companies may not even realize that attacks are being launched from their own servers," says Troy Smith, senior vice president and IT practice leader at Marsh Consultants (New York City).

quantity of boron trifluoride on site by 50 percent, and the average quantity on site by 65 percent. It had also moved on improving perimeter security, negotiated with the railroad, developed a plan, and put out design bids for the gate repair work. "New gates were not the answer," Ferguson says, "we needed new fences encompassing a rail spur."

Once Neville found that railway track repairs were also needed, the company applied for funding from the Federal Rail Administration and decided to postpone the repair work, as chief operating officer Thomas McNight explained in a letter to 60 Minutes' parent network, CBS. When Neville learned that funding would not be granted, the company decided to go ahead with the repairs anyway when the "visitors" arrived. Neville installed the gates in November, Ferguson says, and has also completed plans for work required to meet Coast Guard regulations for waterfront facility security. If the staff had not recognized the 60 Minutes crew, he says, they would have reacted right away.

Ferguson would not comment on economic pressures. "Security measures have to fit plant location, raw materials and products. There can't be a 'one size fits all' approach," he says.

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