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Reproductive toxicity

The reproductive toxicity of n-hexane has not been sufficiently investigated and many studies are inadequate (IPCS, 1991). There is no substantial evidence of embryotoxicity or teratogenicity in rats (Bus et al., 1979 IPCS, 1991 Daughtrey et al., 1994). Testicular atrophy was noted in rats given 2,5-hexanedione in drinking water. These changes were seen before the onset of clinical signs of neuropathy (O'Donoghue et al., 1978). There are insufficient data to assess whether chronic in utero exposure can cause neuropathy (IPCS, 1991).


DEHP might affect development of their offspring. The concern arose from rodent studies in which juvenile rats that ingested DEHP had lower testicular weight, testicle degeneration, and reduced sperm counts in comparison to controls. From these results, the possibility was raised that DEHP might be leached from vinyl surgical tubing by fluid running through it to infants with serious medical problems. In addition the report led many toy manufacturers to stop making toys with plastics that contained phthalate plasticizers. While there are few expensive or non toxic plasticizers that can replace phthalates in vinyl polymers, there are plastics that can replace vinyl in medical devices. DEHP is also a potential carcinogen.

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Although a formal screening and testing program is still several years in the future, industry will still face substantial pressure from a concerned public, particularly as biomonitoring programs - measurements of chemicals in human blood, fat, and urine - proliferate. Monitoring contaminants in breast milk provides not only a measure of a newborn infant's exposure, but also an indication of the chemicals that babies have been exposed to in the womb as their brains, testicles, uteruses, and other vital organs have developed. As more and more chemicals are found in mothers' milk, parents will ask with increasing urgency whether the health of their children has been compromised by the chemical industry's products.

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