AZTs are polynitroaromatic compounds that can be produced during microbial reduction of TNT. Three major AZTs, 2,2'AZT, 2,4'AZT, and 4,4'AZT were mutagenic in TA100, but not in TA100NR (Spanggord et al. 1995), indicating the need for nitroreductase activity to induce mutagenicity. The mutagenicity of 2,20AZT was higher than that of the other two AZTs and the parent compound, TNT. Another Ames test also showed that 2,2'AZT is mutagenic in TA100 with or with S9 (Honeycutt et al. 1996). Also, CHO-hprt assay did not show a significant mutagenic activity at a low concentration of these AZTs (Kennel et al. 2000).

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